Best Revenge 5: The Cuisine

Best Revenge 5 Cuisine

Your personal chef Lucy has years of culinary experience and her love of cooking will be evident in every meal that she prepares for you and your guests. She is enthusiastic about everything she cooks and offers a wide range of international cuisine in her repertoire.

Her attention to every detail of each meal, from the use of fresh local ingredients to the artistic presentation will be evident from your first meal on board.

Your week's menu will be completely catered to you and your group's preferences and tastes (including raw, vegan and allergy sensitivities), and Lucy will ensure that all the meals that you receive aboard will be to your utmost satisfaction.


Wake up to another beautiful sunny morning and enjoy a hearty breakfast. It's the perfect way to start to the day, with gourmet coffees, teas and juices, and fresh Caribbean fruit and homemade pastries accompanying your choice of Lucy's breakfast specialities.

After a morning sail you'll find yourself safely anchored in another pristine bay. If you choose to jump in the water and snorkel the nearby reefs you'll return to find a gourmet lunch prepared for you in the cockpit with homemade breads, fresh salads and one of a variety of Lucy's delectable lunch plats du jour.

As the day wanes you may want to take advantage of our well stocked bar. Through Nick's extensive cocktail repertoire, you'll be able to savor the moment with an old favorite, a new suggestion, or both if you like! It's entirely up to you.

As the sun melts onto the horizon, the table is set for dinner. Each course that appears from the galley is a delectable treat. Fine wines are carefully selected to complement each dish and a wide selection of cognacs, whiskies and liquors will complete a perfect meal.

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